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What is a Product?

A Product is more than a physical collection of features.

A Product is the perception in users' minds, created by the synergy of:

  • Features

  • Business terms

  • Marketing story

Products perceived differently by people. It is highly subjective. A bad product to one might be an amazing product to another. Why? people are different, they perceive the world differently and they have a different bag of experiences that they carry.

For one, the cost is the main factor, for the other, the features and for a third one it is all about if features actually worth their price.

The magic of creating the product is creating the right perception in users mind. It's not just focusing on each one of the elements above but how they work with each other. The great Product Creators are the ones who are able to create that magic around that. Think Apple, or Nike.

When you go and create a product or a brand, you are playing with different elements on your table, the features, the pricing, the story. Each one can be perfect by itself but the magic happens when you are able to tie them all together, in synergy, so the sum equals more than its parts. The magic happens and users are able to identify that in your product.

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