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Super Bowl weekend thoughts about running a successful business in 2019

Tom Brady is headed to his 9th Super Bowl this weekend. He has been to 8 Super Bowl games in the last 17 years, winning 5 of them and honored 4 times as MVP.

Together with LeBron James and Lionel Messi, Tom Brady is one of the favorite athletes in our household.

These guys are winners on the court, and even more impotently, deliver inspiring-important messages off the court. What makes them so successful for so many years?

Brady, Messi and LeBron are not always the athletes that run the fastest, jump the highest or kick the strongest on the field, definitely not in their 19th, 14th and 16th year, respectively. They do, however, share one important skill they are dominating, and in my view, makes them the leaders in team sports - Game IQ.

Each one of them is playing at the highest level for years, debatably as the top player in their game, by demonstrating the highest Game IQ. They understand the game perfectly, as if they were planning it themselves. They are playing and facilitating different roles in the team and keeping their energy to when it is needed the most in order to win.

Taking that to the business world we operate in - The top players are the ones having a strategic point of view on the market, building a wide portfolio across many capabilities and plan to stay in the market for the long-run by focusing and operating smartly with the right moves at the right time.

No doubt you need to have good physiology, tons of practice and some natural-born instincts and luck, but a skill to work on in order to become the GOAT is the Game IQ.

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