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Careers like Products Should Starts From the End

Career path like product development should be planned from the end, backwards. From the goal to present day.

It is very intuitive, built into human nature, to start where you are now and plan one or two steps ahead.

Much less so to figure out where you or your product want to end up at and build the plan backwards.

Life obviously will cause its own adjustments, opportunities and changes, so it is almost sure that your backwards-plan won't necessarily turn out the way you planned it. However, at least you thought on the course you are trying to set for yourself and accommodate yourself to the changes.

Examples are a must in this case.

You are an ambitious successful backend developer. what would you do next? Well, where do you see yourself in the future? in tech management? as a CTO? or maybe as a highly qualified technical individual-contributor? something like a system architect? Let's say you eventually want to become an executive in Product Management. Now work backwards on how it is best to get there some day.

Obviously each route leads to a different end-goal position. The "trivial" next position, as a backend team leader or becoming a full-stack developer, might not be the right one to get you where you want to end up.

In a similar way, your current product.

Adding the next "trivial" feature might not be the right one to get your product where you want it to be.

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