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My Predictions Envelope

Buried six feet under in the ground, here is my future's predictions sealed envelop. Please open in 50 years...

Fake News

The internet, or whatever mediums we will be using for communications and information distribution, will be filled with fake-news. So massive that one will simply won’t know to differentiate between fact and fiction. Entire organizations, formal and underground will set themselves the goal to uncover the truth, while others will do the opposite, and try to cover it.


Advanced ways of creating energy, electricity and connectivity (network) will be established, resulting with a reality of no more shortage in them. Consumer electronic devices like phones or watches won't need to be charged, replace batteries or search of internet signals. It will all be there, available, all the time and the devices will take that energy by itself – whether it is from light, movement, earth gravity or any other physics involved.

Ultra-Modern Office

An office is a perfectly contained environment. Everything that is happening in that environment is "work-related", there for, can and will be controlled by the company and considered its intellectual-property. Technology will be natural and used in all content created in that space - Operations will be voice activated, smart boards, Emails, video calls, XR meeting rooms and more. All of these will be the natural working environment and will be recorded constantly together with video and audio recording of all the office space. All this data sources will be dumped into a huge database with AI running and digital-assistants highlighting insights to workers, can make work much more efficient. For example, a digital assistant can highlight that just next week, another engineer was talking to her manager about a similar idea to what you just wrote in your e-mail, maybe worthwhile talking to her...


The growing gaps between the rich and the poor, the developed and less developed, will cause growing tension. The tension that we see today in the form of illegal immigrants trying to flee from their failed countries to more successful ones, will only get worse. In addition, global working or other geographical effect will clearly distinguish between "good" places and "bad" place to live in.

This will eventually form Federations or other types of groupings of different sizes - countries, ethnicity-based, communities.

Something of the sort of EU or NATO, but due to the growing tension all around, they will be closer and more strict with their attitude to outsiders. The main motivation to their formation will be economic reasons, and advanced technology will allow them to be self-sustaining and less depended on outside resources.

More wars or uprising between federations to outsiders are probably inevitable in this kind of geo-political environment.

More will come...

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