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Salesforce 2017, headed to 2018

It is possible that all attendees figured it out and everyone was thinking about it but no one from Salesforce, on or off stage, actually said it clearly in these words.

So I will say it as I see it - Salesforce is planning to lead most if not all of the organization's workflows and use-cases. That's my takeaway from last week's Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco.

With some new offerings, Salesforce are gradually positioning themselves as a ‘one stop shop’ for everything that an organization needs. It is not only about CRM and Sales-Service-Marketing offerings anymore, they are extending and expanding, inside the organization and outside of it. Selling to more than one or few C-level execs but to the CEO herself.

Salesforce are adding a "my" offering to many of their existing successful products - myEinstien, myTrailhead, myLightning, myIoT, mySalesforce1. This creates new offerings which enable the organization to create their own AI, their own customers and employee training courses, high customized portals, sensors' data sources and even mobile applications on the mobile stores that Salesforce will publish for them.

Add these to their acquired collaboration platform (Quip) and the new strategic partnerships with IBM and Google, bringing their own cloud and Watson powers to Salesforce, and you get a single platform that serves all departments of the organization.

A bold, yet natural move, which places Salesforce in the same raw with other giants trying to do the same thing in the organization - Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

Salesforce passionate community (far more than the MSFT or the IBM one) and the values they strongly preach for (Ohana, can actually make the difference.

We will definitely see how this is working out for them.

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