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A Swiss-Army-Knife SaaS executive with experience building, leading, and scaling teams, business units, and start-ups.

For over 15 years, I've worked in small start-ups and large companies, mastering various industries, multiple technologies, and global markets.

I have been a part of companies that scaled from several employees to hundreds, played a role in one's IPO, and sat at the table in a start-up's acquisition discussion.

I had the pleasure and challenge, both as a hands-on individual contributor and as a manager, to work with some of the largest customers in the world, including Salesforce, IBM, AWS, Oracle, Google, HPE, Zoom, NVIDIA, ServiceNow, Cloudera, UKG, Cornerstone, Dropbox, Pearson, and Thomson Reuters.

Read about the challenges I faced, the failures and successes I experienced, and the insights I gained.



Building and leading Enterprise Sales, Biz-dev, CSM, and Growth teams.

Orchestrating and landing complex deals and partnerships.

Managing multi-million-dollar quota and book-of-business.


Rich Product Management experience across Enterprise Products' Lifecycle, from inception, through product development and go-to-market strategy, all the way to product launch.


Leading strategic programs. Designing and managing large-size business operations that create order in messy environments and scale the business.

If you are looking to

Pilot a new business and go-to-market

Review and optimize processes with an unbiased eye
Mentor employees, managers, and executives

Scale your business operations and growth

Manage complex-strategic projects
Lead customer-facing teams - Sales, CSM, Growth, PS

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