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About Myself

A seasoned executive with multi-discipline experience in taking SaaS companies from their startup phase to an Exit.

  • Building and leading Enterprise Sales, CSM and Growth teams. Orchestrating and landing complex deals and partnerships. Managing a multi-million dollar book of business.

  • Rich Product Management experience across the Enterprise Products' Life-Cycle - From inception and product development, all the way to go-to-market strategy and product launch.

  • Designing and managing large-size business operations that creates order in messy environments and scales the business.


A dreamer with a practical attitude; Innovative out-of-the-box thinker; 100% customer centric. Focused on doing-more-with-less, creating value, generating revenue, accelerating growth, and delivering results.

Yair Leshem

My Books

Me and my wife, Michal Leshem, wrote a book series for kids, called The Exploring Twins, 

The exploring Twins is a book series for kindergarten and elementary school-age kids (4-11 years old) who read, experience and love science.


Each book in the series, which is translated to Hebrew too, is both a story to read and a “recipe” to follow, for hands-on, fun and exciting science experiment. 

Both me and my wife share a passion for creation, science-tech enthusiasm, progressive learning approach and 4 smart eager-to-learn kids at home.

We both believe and see so much value in educating our kids’ generation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) while making sure girls have an equal part in this!

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